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Carpet Shampooers - Get The Carpet Stains Out Quickly And Effectively

When you are managing an apartment, and making sure that everything is squeaky clean, but are noticing the spots on your carpet, there could be many reasons. Or perhaps you have a small child or a pet that is not quite house broken and would sometimes urinate in the wrong place producing carpet stains. Regardless of the reason, whenever you just have a few spots here and there in your carpet or rug that your vacuum cleaner won't get rid of, you will definitely want to look into carpet cleaning solutions. The smart thing to look into would be best carpet shampooers.

Carpet shampooers are also called spot cleaners. Carpet cleaning solutions come in a few variants, from small and portable deep carpet cleaners, or portable spot lifters, or hand held deep cleaners to small robotic or hands free deep cleaners or spot bots.

Typically, any carpet cleaning equipment such as a spot cleaner or carpet shampooer will contain several elements: a brush which will agitate the carpet, the sprayer which will bring the water solution from the clean tank and sprays the water with the cleaning solution onto the carpet, and the vacuum that sucks the used up solution back into the machine and into its dirty tank.

Carpet shampooers are suitable as both carpet an upholstery cleaning. Let's talk about the types of carpet shampooers and their benefits and drawbacks.

Portable carpet cleaners

These portable spot lifters are light and handy and their advantages are in that they can be used anywhere you can get an electric cable to. They are easily transportable as they can weight as little as six pounds. Portable carpet cleaners can be used in a car to clean car carpeting and upholstery, as well as at their primary place of use, in the kitchen and any carpets near the kitchen, such as dinette, or in a living room. Hand held deep cleaners will come with a handle that will enable you to control the amount of pressure that you exert on carpet stains.

The downside of portable carpet cleaners is their small size - it will take a while to canvass a larger carpeted room. Also, you will have to bend down or kneel down on the carpet to use the machine properly. If that is not for you, read on...

Hands free deep cleaners or spot bots

Do you remember a decade ago all the hoopla about robotic vacuum cleaners. Well the technology has progressed and now you can get portable hands free deep cleaners that will deep clean and remove spots from your carpet on their own, without your supervision. Just in case, they will normally include an option for manual operation, when they can act as hand held carpet cleaners or portable carpet cleaners. The spot bots will include the agitating brush, the clean water canister, and the dirty water canister. In addition, robotic carpet shampooers will have a built-in logic and sensors that will steer them around the floor, making sure they do not cross the pre-determine boundaries.

The advantage of hands free carpet cleaners is that one does not need to constantly bend down or kneel on the carpet to use them. The downside is that the amount of pressure and agitating power is limited by their weight.

For more information and to find where you can purchase portable carpet cleaners, see article small carpet shampooer.

Carpet shampooer is one of the most useful home carpet cleaners. If you feel that portable carpet shampooers or handheld carpet cleaners will not cut it for you, take a look at the selection of larger carpet shampoo machines.