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Portable Carpet Shampooer Uses For Cars, RVs, And Boat Cleaning

The main use of portable carpet shampooer has been to clean up the mess after pet fecal incidents, drink spills, and food stains. Clearly, with house real estate becoming more and more precious, who has the space to store the normal-size, or even extra-wide rug shampooer?

And if you do make space for the normal size rug shampoo machine, it takes up a lot of room in the storage, and it is a pain to get out of the storage, and put to good use just to take care of a single spill.

So that is where, normally, a small portable carpet shampoo machine comes in. Just suitable for small spills, perhaps up to 5-10 inches in size, it will either be hand-held or stand-alone, and in just a few minutes, your incident will be taken care of, never to be seen again.

We will point out other uses of hand held and stand alone portable carpet shampooers here: their use in cars, boats, and RVs.

Portable Carpet Shampooer For Your Car

Since you most likely won't keep a rug shampoo machine in your car at all times, the only reason why you want a portable carpet shampooer for your car is the ease of manouvering it, and the ability to reach tight spots where the stains may be.

Both hand held and stand alone shampooers will be suitable to clean the floor carpets as well as car seat upholstery just fine, with the caveat that the stand alone machine will not work well on vertical surfaces such as car seat rests.

Find both the links to hand held shampooers and stand alone shapooers below.

Using Hand Held Carpet Shampooers In Boats And Sailboats

Not only is the space at a premium in boats and sailboats, but the liveable interior is designed in such a precise manner that there is little space left for manouvering a large carpet shampooer around. So a small or, better, hand held machine must do. Just like in car interior, a hand held carpet shampooer might perform better on vertically inclined seat rests.

RVs Use Small Carpet Cleaning Machines Always

Especially when you are living in an RV full time, it pays to reserve some space for a small carpet cleaning machine. It is just the matter of fact that living in an RV means living close to the nature, and that incudes the dirt, the soil, and similar substances that settle into the carpets and upholstered seats.

A small carpet shampooer is always at hand, easy to pull out of the storage, and apply to the dirty spot at hand. All it needs is cleaner solution, clean water, and 120V electricity source for operation.

Regardless of how particular you are about the cleanliness of the interior of your car, RV, motor boat or sailboat, having a small carpet shampooer on the ready will allow you to keep the interior of your "baby" sparkling clean, and if you choose your detergent right, smelling great too.

Take a look at the two choices of small carpet shampooers we recommend: the Stand Alone Portable Carpet Shampooer and the Handheld Portable Carpet Shampooer.