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Uses Of Small Carpet Shampooers And Where To Find Small Rug Shampooers

These days, as adult children are more likely to move back home with their parents, usually due to limited job availability, the carpets in your home will often take a beating.

For one reason or another, you notice dirty, dark stains on your carpet. You begin to wonder how to keep your house, and carpeted floor in particular, clean all the time.

Small carpet shampooers fill this void. Large rug shampoo machines are suitable for an occasional sweep of your entire house, perhaps every six months to a year.

But what are you to do with the new stains? You feel that, the longer you let them settle, the harder it will be to get them removed. You do not have six months to wait.

We propose in this article that using a small rug shampooer is the solution. We present 6 ways to use a small carpet shampoo machine to keep your upholstery and carpets clean. We also suggest best places where you can find small carpet shampooers at a good price.

Major House Cleanup, Use Small Carpet Shampooer For Daily Spot Cleaning Between The Big Runs

Especially in small homes or apartments, renting instead of owning a large carpet shampoo machine makes a lot of sense, mainly because it saves precious space between the runs every six months to a year.

If you are renting a large rug shampoo machine due to space, you can keep a small carpet shampooer for minor spills and cleanings for the times in-between major cleanings.

Staggering A Major And A Minor Carpet Cleanup

You could even stagger the two cleanings in a year, a major and a minor carpet cleaning. Only rent the large carpet shampooer once a year, and before you use it, remove as much furniture from the rooms as you can. Then in six months time, keep the major furniture in place, but use a small carpet shampooer and navigate around the furniture.
If you prefer doing just one major rug cleanup every year, then you can alternate and use a small rug shampooer to remove any bigger spots six months after the major rug shampoo machine use.

Using Small Rug Shampooer For Spot Cleaning Before The Big Run

When you rent a big rug shampooer from Ralphs, Anawalt, or Home Depot, they will suggest pre-treating spots with special detergents, for best results. While you could do that with the large machine, you will spend much of the expensive special spot detergent. It is a better idea to use a small carpet shampooer to do the job.

Small Rug Shampoo Machine As An Alternative To Cleaning The Dark Spots On Upholstery With Vinegar

While vinegar is an inexpensive and quite effective treatment for carpet spots and upholstery spot that every household has in their kitchen, using vinegar is not always advisable. Using vinegar leaves a strong odor in the carpet or upholstery which may take a long time to diminish to the point when you or your guests don't smell it anymore.

Cleaning After Pets Or Children

If you have pets or small children, there is no need to emphasize a need for a small and handy rug cleaner. Spills, walking in the house with the shoes on in "emergencies", peeing in the hidden spots and worse unforeseeable events will cause the carpets to develop stains and odors.

Last But Not Least - Using Small Carpet Shampooers In The Dining Room Area

One often missed cause for spots and dirty carpets is the proximity to kitchen. When you prepare food in the kitchen, the pieces of food often end up on the kitchen floor. Since noone ever thinks of changing the slippers or shoes when leaving the kitchen, the pieces of food find their way to the dining room carpet.

Where To Find Small Carpet Shampooers

While you could purchase a carpet shampooer in your local hardware store such as Home Depot, Lowes, or Anawalt, you will not get the best price. These days, the best place for purchase a small carpet shampoer is online. For instance, buying a small carpet shampooer through Amazon will be most likely a happy experience. You will be able to consult with other customers reports before you buy. Amazon is known for low prices, fast shipping, and superb customer support.

Here is the link to Amazon where you can find most recommended small carpet shampooers by Bissell, Hoover and others: Amazon.